[Kratos] Some problems as using kratos

ZHU Jun jzhubl at connect.ust.hk
Mon Dec 28 05:25:38 CET 2020

Dear sir or madam,

I am the PhD student in HKUST who is using kratos as the simulation tool. I am currently learning your entire coding including low-level and top-level. Here are some difficulties I once met, could you please do me a favour?

  1.  How can I know the exact formulation of some variables in *.py files, include but not only:


I know it is used to add the variable but have no idea how can I access the calculation of the *WEIGHTED_GAP* which I could probably modify and make some improvements

  1.  Similarly, how can I know the exact formula of some functions in CPP, for example, the function *Getvalue*, I am not very clear on this operation
  2.  Additionally, how can I call some variables in python which just defined and calculated in cpp? If I define a new parameter, how I can implement it via py?

Sorry to disturb you but I am pretty sure that your suggestions mean a lot to me!! Thanks and hope you have all potential health and successes!

Best regards,
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