[Kratos] Migrating to GitHub

Pooyan Dadvand pooyan en cimne.upc.edu
Lun Feb 6 16:19:16 CET 2017

Dear Team,


After a long evaluation and discussion phase (in which many of you have been
already involved) the repository will be migrated to GitHub in order to
improve the collaboration level and also the maintenance of the repository.
The migration consists in following steps:


-        A test repository has been created with an snapshot of Kratos:
https://github.com/KratosMultiphysics/Kratos This repository will be deleted
before the final migration

-        Each member of current repository should send me her/his github
account + the team they belongs to. We will give them access to the above
repository in order to start exploring the GitHub

-        A tutorial workshop is planned for next Thursday (9th of February)
at 10:00 – 13:00 for Barcelona Team and any other interested group who would
like to attend. (we will announce the place later) In this workshop, the
motivation and reasons behind the migration will be explained and a brief
introduction to Git and its workflows will be given. The participants are
encouraged to:

o   Perform the following tutorial of Git:

o   Take a look at GitHub tutorial

o   And study the workflows

o   Also it would be clone the experimental repository (even better in a
laptop to make some live tests in the workshop).

-        The migration will be Monday 13th of February.






Dr. Pooyan Dadvand

Member of Kratos Team 

International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering – CIMNE

Gran Capità s/n, Campus Nord UPC, Ed. B0 - 08034 Barcelona – SPAIN 

T (+34) 93 401 5696  <http://www.cimne.com/> www.cimne.com


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