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Hans Scheel hans.scheel en bluewin.ch
Sab Oct 29 15:14:02 CEST 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Dr. Dadvand,              29.10.2016


Recently I visited ISPRA for a lecture and had a pleasant discussion with
Dr. Armelle Anthoine.

She recommended you in order to study/collaborate on stability of novel
flooding-tsunami-barriers which are briefly described in attached abstract.

I also described the new barriers at the recent IX PIANC-COPEDEC Conference
October 16-21 in Rio and had several discussions with experts in marine
technology about construction details. Furthermore, after a lecture at the
Leichtweiss-Institute at Technical University Braunschweig, the
collaboration with Prof. H.Oumeraci and co-workers on computer simulation of
the hydrodynamics and on loading gave a doubling of reflecting tsunami waves
at the vertical barrier and a pressure of nearly 7 tons per m2 onto the

Now there are questions of stability:

            -Thickness of the barrier assuming a stable foundation.

-Earthquake stability and the arrangement of weak "gaps" every 50, 100, or
more meters in order to prevent failure of the whole barrier in case of
earthquakes up to 8.0. See attached figure   13: it is easier to repair a
concrete bridge than to repair the thick barrier.

            -Requirement for the foundation (depth, dimensions, weight)
depending on the seabed composition/structure and on the barrier height and

It is assumed that these stability aspects can be handled by your
fascinating Kratos software. The boundary conditions are 

Depth below sea level 20m, 30m

Height above sea level 8m, 10m

Expected thickness between 5.6m and 20m, with stabilizing masses on the
coastal side

Ultra-high-strength steel fences with big rocks and concrete in the gaps,
see attached figure 3. For simplicity the properties of best steel-concrete
can be taken.

And it is hoped that you are interested in this problem in view of the very
long barriers which have to be built to protect many coastlines, coastal
mega-cities (including Barcelona, Valencia and Santander) and which give a
chance of survival for Maldives, Bangladesh and other countries which will
disappear due to sea level rise and increased strength of tropical storms
from climate change.

Your contribution to flooding protection would be internationally

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sincerely yours,

Hans J. Scheel


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