[Kratos] Custom conditions_ problem

Sheila Fernández López sheilafzlz en gmail.com
Mie Mayo 25 12:33:21 CEST 2016

Hi, I have a problem with a condition that I have created.
I have 2 Boundary Conditions applied over 2 different boundaries ( we could
have the same boundary with two different conditions). In the Boundary
1(B1) I apply the first condition over 'n' nodes and in the boundary 2 (b2)
I apply the second condition over 'n' nodes too (it could be other number)
So, although both conditions do not affect each other, this does not occur,
an one is affecting me the other like this: In the B1 (it could be in the
other direction) in its last node (by number order), this condition is
added as many times as the number of nodes (plus one) where I apply the
second condition, what it does not make sense. (for example, if I have a
sink_source with a value of 0.44 in B1, and I apply b2 in 23 nodes, the
value of my sink_source in B1 will finally be: (23+1)*0.44)
I do not find the reason, I have been looking the kernel and the pointers
of the conditions, but I am not able to solve it.
Any suggestion???


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