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Hi Miguel,

Thanks a lot for getting in touch! I currently have limited internet access but will try to register again when I get the chance. I'm really keen to try out Kratos and learn how to interface with it.

Are there any good tutorials that deal with 3-dimensional force analysis within compound elements or something like that?

I would be very happy with any advice or tips that you could share! To begin with, I would like to set up a simple straight beam + point load scenario just to get familiar with the way Kratos works and so I can start making the connections with my models. But I will try to register and then take a look through the forum first.

Much thanks!


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Hello Tom,
The forum registration was disabled for some days due to a cyber attack. Now we re-opened it.
About your question, I don't think Kratos includes developments on glued-laminated elements so far. But I hope the people from structural mechanics (Riccardo?) will answer you with a better knowledge of the actual situation.
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I am a PhD fellow at KADK in Copenhagen looking into the material performance of glued-laminated timber building elements and timber anisotropy. I came across the Kratos Multiphysics framework and have tried installing it. I went through the method of downloading GiD and simply copying Kratos to another folder as I am more interested in the Python backend and will have simulation data coming from and going to different programs.

I am having some issues, however, when following some of the first introductory Python examples. Are they up to date? Where can I ask for help or receive advice about what some of the tools do? Is there a class reference document anywhere that I could look through? Specifically, it cannot find STABILIZATION_FACTOR when initializing the solid_mechanics_python_solver.

I have browsed through the SVN repo, but it's very expansive and it is difficult to find things. Registration on the forum has been disabled, for some reason, so I cannot post there either.

Any help would be really great! Looking forward to using Kratos, it looks very powerful.

Much thanks,

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