[Kratos] IDE Project files in Kratos SVN

Carlos Roig roigcarlo en gmail.com
Jue Oct 22 11:10:56 CEST 2015

Dear All,

We just detected that there are some IDE configuration files in the main
Kratos SVN branch.

So far the list of files is:

   - KRATOS.config
   - KRATOS.creator
   - KRATOS.files
   - KRATOS.includes
   - Kratos_2.config
   - Kratos_2.creator
   - Kratos_2.files
   - Kratos_2.includes

We are going to proceed to delete these files.

I would also like to suggest the creation of a svn:ignore in the repository
in order to avoid future problems with temporal / configuration files.

Best regards.

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