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Dom Jun 14 15:01:41 CEST 2015

Dear all

in revision 12018 the ERASE_FLAG was substituted by the kratos_flag

the variable ERASE_FLAG was removed from the list of variables. please DO
NOT introduce it back.

please note that the new flag is strictly a bool while the former one
wrongly defined as a double.

even though i did my best to ensure that the semantics is correctly
preserved after the change i can not be sure of the effect of the castings
that were there before.
As usually this is also related to the stll rather poor coverage of our

i would like each of you to have a look at the log of changes of your
application to see if i didn't introduce any unwanted bug

the diff can be find here:

also note that the syntax

Is(TO_ERASE) == false

which i preserved to do the porting is correcthow ever it may be not too

code would probably look nicer if i did


but i preferred not to make such change to make crosschecking easier

pooyan, did u document the flag usage in the wiki somewhere?

aside of the chane at hand  note that there are a lot of good candidates
for the same exercise...


it would be nice to also work on them...



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