[Kratos] Critical change in classes: Element.h and Condition.h

Josep Maria cpuigbo en cimne.upc.edu
Mie Mar 12 19:47:44 CET 2014

Dear Riccardo,

    The existing interface has certain deficiencies. This change treats 
to replace some methods that only concern to particular applications.

see methods: CalculateLocalVelocityContribution(...) , 
AddMassMatrix(...), AddInertiaForces(...)

I will not double the existing methods because some of these methods are 
moved to the " rubbish " section of the element and will be eliminated 
in a prudential period.

On the other hand, in certain elements the success of a dynamic analysis 
only is performed with some specific time discretization algorithms. The 
element or the condition are the only entities that know the 
contributions for the LHS and the RHS that must be added to the linear 

I understand that in fluid applications, the requirements for the 
elements and conditions are resolved with the particular methods already 
implemented. I understand that is annoying for you the extension of the  
base classes of kratos in a direction that is unuseful for your 
particular goals.

    Anyway, If you don't like, I will delete the methods introduced and 
I will stop the development for the dynamic part of the 

Josep Maria

On 03/12/2014 07:03 PM, rougered4 en gmail.com wrote:
> Dear Josep Maria,
> For the future please restrain yourself from making changes in the foundational classes.
> Namely i can understand the change to mass matrix and damping matrix but i can not see why the other methods are needed. Can t you use the existing methods? I believe that this shall be already doable with the existing interface...
> Riccardo
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