[Kratos] Major Change

Pooyan Dadvand pooyan en cimne.upc.edu
Jue Abr 3 08:22:22 CEST 2014

Dear Colleagues,


Recently we were profiling the Kratos and we have found out that the current
use of weak_ptr in Kratos considerably affecting the performance and also
its scalability. For this reason we wanted to change the weak_ptr and
shared_ptr of Kratos. 


In order to avoid problems in time of migration, it is necessary to change:


-        all weak_ptr<ClassName> instances in the code to

-        all shared_ptr<ClassName> instances in the code to


So we can redefined the macro to for new implementation. Riccardo has
already changed most of them, so in principle for repository codes it is
done. The plan is to start the migration next week so please proceed with
the changes as soon as possible. 

Technically this change and migration won’t affect the comportment of the
code neither to its interface. 


Thanks for your collaboration,






Dr. Pooyan Dadvand

Member of Kratos Team 

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