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But the variable Should NOT be in the variables.cpp. It has to be in your_application.cpp like the others.




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Hi Janosch

Including header of other application causes a lot of compilation errors. We should not do that. The way works for me is to declare


in where you want to use this variable in your application (i.e. elements, conditions). Of course you have to link your application with other application containing that variable in CMakeLists.txt. And in the python script you should import other application first to align the destructor call of the smart pointer.


Hi Pooyan

I tried to create a variable as the same in the kernel but it caused linking error:

../../kratos/libKratosCore.a(variables.cpp.o):(.bss+0x2648): multiple definition of `Kratos::SUCTION'







On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Pablo Becker <pbecker en cimne.upc.edu> wrote:

I think some people still modify the kernel to avoid declaring variables more than once. For example, if you are using two applications and both need a variable. But otherwise i agree with you.



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Hi everybody,


I agree completely and  the best way is to add the variables to each applications and not to the main variables.h and cpp. (These are for generic variables) This habit comes from the time in which the kernel could not handle the variables in applications in the same way as the core ones. I have fixed this bug and as much as I know the kernel take them in the same manner. (if it is not like this please report a bug)






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Is there a way to stop changing the variables.h file? My kratos keeping recompile when I update. I think you can introduce new variables in your application or link with other application if you want to use variables from other application. How do you think ?


This is what I did (in header file):

extern Variable<Vector> PRESTRESS;
extern Variable<Vector> STRESSES;
extern Variable<double> PRESTRESS_FACTOR;



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