[Kratos] SynchonizeDofs

Hoang Giang Bui hgbk2008 en gmail.com
Jue Jun 13 12:04:20 CEST 2013


I want to understand more about the method Kratos use to synchronize 
dofs between different process. I have a case like this:

+ Process 1 contains elements with multiple dofs (DISPLACEMENT(_XYZ) & 

+ Process 2 contains only conditions which involve only DISPLACEMENT(_XYZ)

+ node k belongs to process 2

When dofs are enumerated in process 1, node k on the boundary of process 
1 & 2 is fully enumerated with DISPLACEMENT(_XYZ) and WATER_PRESSURE
When dofs are enumerated in process 2, node k only has DISPLACEMENT(_XYZ)

When dofs are synchronized, the dof on process 2 supersede process 1. 
Which means WATER_PRESSURE dof on node k is assigned with EquationId 0.

In this case what should I do to enable dof enumeration correctly in 


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