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I'm completely against a common IDE because it's a choice of taste and
usually the single platform ones are much better. (for example in windows
Visual Studio is much better than the others)


About tab or space I prefer space because you write it once and it will be
the same in all editors.






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Dear Janosch,


Thank you for your email.


I think we need to do the clean up, so Kratos seems a lot more professional
and homogeneous.


About point 3, AStyle can help, as we talked with Riccardo.


You're right, Tab size cannot be stored in the file (I mean as a readable
one for every editor), but I think Tab is cleaner, takes less time to edit
it, and quicker to navigate through.


May I also recommend a common choice of IDE? I definitely like CodeBlocks,
works great on Windows as well as Linux and Mac, very feature rich and
actively developed. Available through Ubuntu archives (sudo apt-get install
codeblocks). Riccardo will not like this ;)


Best regards,

Farshid Mossaiby



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Dear all,

I would definitely support the idea of cleaning this up a bit.

1. everything lower case with underscore and a trailing _application
(e.g. structural_application)

2. I strongly recommend "space" at a tab width of 4. This is because the
width of tab characters cannot be stored in the file and always depends
on the editor settings

3. use of the following indentation:
void Function( double& param, int* param2 )

4. definitely yes!

Best regards

Am Samstag, den 21.04.2012, 13:35 -0700 schrieb Farshid Mossaiby:
> Dear everyone,
> Now that everything in Kratos is being updated and cleaned up, may I
> suggest the following?
> 1. Renaming all of the applications to make them consistent, for
> example all lower case name, adding or removing "application" suffix,
> etc. This will make things look much better.
> 2. Agreeing on using "Tab" or "Space", and a "Tab size". I suggest
> "Tab" and a "Tab size" of 4.
> 3. Agreeing on a writing style. This is very helpful.
> 4. Comments only in english, so everyone can use them.
> A few much more specific comments that sent to Pooyan and Riccardo,
> but no response ;)
> Any comments?
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