[Kratos] Application naming

Farshid Mossaiby mossaiby en yahoo.com
Sab Abr 21 22:35:23 CEST 2012

Dear everyone,

Now that everything in Kratos is being updated and cleaned up, may I suggest the following?

1. Renaming all of the applications to make them consistent, for example all lower case name, adding or removing "application" suffix, etc. This will make things look much better.

2. Agreeing on using "Tab" or "Space", and a "Tab size". I suggest "Tab" and a "Tab size" of 4.

3. Agreeing on a writing style. This is very helpful.

4. Comments only in english, so everyone can use them.

A few much more specific comments that sent to Pooyan and Riccardo, but no response ;)

Any comments?
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