[Kratos] Nelson. Serialization

Janosch Stascheit janosch.stascheit en rub.de
Mie Feb 16 10:06:34 CET 2011

Hi Riccardo, Nelson,

I think that this is a proper way of dealing with the issue. In any
case, the use of one single Vector of internal variables is not a nice
but a much more performing way than implementing an own variable for
each distinct internal variable.

However, the interpolation does not necessarily need to be combined with
the serialization, although this would facilitate the transfer of
internal variables between dissimilar meshes. For the serialization as
such, though, it should be enough to just store the Vector to be
restored on an unchanged geometrical configuration.

What is your opinion about that?


Am Mittwoch, den 16.02.2011, 09:48 +0100 schrieb Riccardo Rossi:
> Hi guys,
>     i sneak into the discussion as I believe that the issue of the
> constitutive laws is rather important.
>    I believe that a clean way of dealing with the serialization of the
> constitutive_laws is implementing it so, that we can later leverage the
> work for interpolation.
> that is, up to now we decided that interpolation should be done by
> writing all what is needed to a vector of INTERNAL_VARIABLES (or
> something of the sort). A clean way to do this would be that upon save
> we call the same function that writes the internal variables to a vector
> and then we serialize that vector (which should be automatic)
> Nelson, Janosch,
> what do you think about this?
> Riccardo

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