[Kratos] compiling issues of the SVN trunk

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I am commiting a news files. 

Please tell me if this changes
generates problems when you compile. 

Best regards 


On Mon, 31
Jan 2011 08:50:59 -0500, "Hongyu Miao"  wrote:    

Thanks, Pooyan. If
there are more files like "kratos/python/linear_solvers_python.cpp", I will
report each of them once I find out. A clean SVN trunk will be helpful to
all developers. 



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compiling issues of the SVN trunk   


The file
"kratos/python/linear_solvers_python.cpp", is absolute and must be deleted
from repository. (We will do it) and unfortunately there are more files
like this. So if you want to make your project without bjam at least you
have to put only the cpps which are included in the "Kratos/Kratos/Jamfile"
and the ones in applications you want and not more.  

By the way I wanted
to suggest you to use the bjam as described in our wiki:

 because in this way the changes in source files and compiling
options will be reflected automatically and then add the cpps and headers
to your project tree to have the class definitions help provided by IDE



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SVN trunk   

Dear Riccardo, 

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, I did read
the Jamfile first and then tried to configure a VS solution based on the
information in that file. As most of the time I'm using Visual Studio, I'd
like to explore how to directly configure VS and share my experience with
others (maybe in terms of an instruction list on wiki and I can update it
whenever it's needed). 

Here is more information about the missing files.
In "kratos/python/linear_solvers_python.cpp", the following files are
included but do not exist: 

1. Line 57, "includes/tracer.h" 

2. Line 59,

3. Line 60,

4. Line 135,

Have a good weekend, 


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Re: [Kratos] compiling issues of the SVN trunk 

Dear Hongyu, 

 i believe
you are taking the most difficult way towards the compilation: 

we usE THE boost-build system to compile, which implies thatr 

lithe list
of files that you need to be included in the compilation is described in

the Jamfile that is included in all of the base directories. 

Jamroot prescribes the directory where to find the includes. 

all of this
can be included inside the visual studio, by teaching to visual studio that
upon "build" it should issue a 

bjam threading=multi 


to be
honest i don't know where the files you miss are included from... if you
give me some more trace i will try to help... 

maybe Julio (who should be
listening to the mailing list too) could give more hints ... 



On Sat, 29 Jan 2011 17:57:32 -0500, "Hongyu Miao"  wrote:  

Dear All,  

I'm sorry to bother you with this. However, if anyone can
help with the compiling issues I met, I will really appreciate.  

I am
trying to get a clean build of kratos, so here is what I did: 

1. Create a
Visual Studio project from existing codes; 

2. Exclude all applications
from the solution; 

3. Exclude all examples or tests in gidpost and omptl;

4. Include boost, python, kratos, kratos/external_libraries,

5. Enable OpenMP; 

The error messages I
got so far are: 

1. "include/tracer.h" is missing; 

"linear_solvers/kratos_linear_solvers.h" is missing; 

"vectorial_spaces/kratos_vectorial_spaces.h" is missing (actually the I
couldn't find the folder "vectorial_spaces"); 

"components/linear_solvers.h" is missing (again, there is no such a folder
called "components"). 



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