[Kratos] Constitutive law with deformation gradient

Janosch Stascheit janosch.stascheit en rub.de
Vie Jun 18 10:27:20 CEST 2010

Hi Riccardo, Pooyan,

with the naming, I am not sure. All other enumerations do have a rather
unique naming scheme. I'll wait for Pooyan's comments on that.

The additional function is no problem. It does not harm and will return
false in the base class.

Best regards

Am Freitag, den 18.06.2010, 09:06 +0200 schrieb Riccardo Rossi:
> Hi Janosch,
>      i just have one more suggestion about the naming: since we will
> need to include the name of "constitutive law" and of  the enum in
> calling it, i would make it shorter, something like
> enum StrainMeasure{
>                 Linear_Strain, //linear strain measure in Voigt notation
>                 Green_Lagrange_Strain, //nonlinear strain measure
> 		Almansi_Strain, //nonlinear
> 		logarithmic_Strain //non linear
>             };
>             enum StressMeasure{
>                 PK1_Stress, //stress related to reference configuration
>                 PK2_Stress, //stress related to reference configuration
>                 Cauchy_Stress //true stresses related to deformed
> configuration
>             };
> I think (but admittedly i am not too experienced with enums) that this
> way when we call it it will be something like:
> ConstitutiveLaw::LinearStrain
> Pooyan ... how does it fit this in the Kratos naming convection?
> apart for this, what do you think to add another minimal function of the
> type
> IsIncremental() 
> which should return false for all of the current applications, but that
> may return true if someone implements a constitutive law that accepts an
> increment of strain and gives back an increment of stress ...
> Indeed on the contrary we could oblige everyone to work in total
> form ... and to do the incrementation inside the constitutive law
> well
> that's all for now
> ciao
> Riccardo

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