[Kratos] New proposed auxiliar file for constitutive laws

Pooyan Dadvand pooyan en cimne.upc.edu
Jue Jun 10 18:31:13 CEST 2010



I really liked the evolution of the design for C.L. (and how the mailing
list helping it). Meanwhile I wanted to make some comments:


1.       Use the ConstitutiveLawNew::Pointer instead of

2.       The interface for array_1d<double, 3> (and may be array_1d<double,
6>??) for Has, GetValue, methods. In general it will be much better to start
using stack arrays while there are much faster.

3.       The base class definition of GetValue returns Vector() which has
the wrong size and may cause problems. It’s better to return the
rThisVariable.Zero() (and same for Matrix version)

4.       GetValue has return by value. Something better to avoid. At least a
const version of it must be exist with access by reference. Or if it’s not
possible passing it as argument is another option.

5.       Default SetValue sends an exception while it may not be necessary.
Though I understand that it can make debugging easier.

6.       An InputValidation (or other proper name) method can be very useful
to control the input data before starting calculate in python. Something

Constitutive_law = PlaneStrain()



7.       A real reconsideration of the naming convention is necessary:

a.       myState is a global enum but without any information of where is
defined and why. (Something like FluencyState or any other descriptive names
would be much better)  

b.      same arugment about myPotencialPlastic

c.       save_internal_variables, calculate_tangent , calculate_stresses,
...  are like the local variables not the input argument. The underscore
must be used for macors and local variables.  (by the way, is there any
reason that one of them is int?)

8.       Great Doxygen documentation!! I have to put it in Kratos server to
work!!! (Note for myself)



Finally I would like to thanks all for their effort specially to Nelson,
Janosch  and Riccardo for this flexible and complete design. 


Best regards,







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