[Kratos] new constitutive law interface, second draft

Riccardo Rossi rrossi en cimne.upc.edu
Mie Jun 9 23:24:22 CEST 2010

just a few remarks:

1 - if we like we can make the implementation shorter and more general
by making for example

template< TDataType >
virtual bool Has( const Variable< TDataType >& rThisVariable )
                return false;

the use of the template would allow avoiding specifying all of the
cases, furthermore it would be automatically extended for new datatypes
(for example bool)

2 - concerning the volumetric stuff we could also consider the option

virtual void CalculateVolumetricResponse( const double VolumetricStrain,
algorithmic_bulk ,  //PROPOSED CHANGE HERE
                                                      const ProcessInfo&
                                                      const Properties&
GeometryType& geom,
                                                      const Vector&
calculate_stresses = true,
calculate_tangent = true,
save_internal_variables = true )

i see the advantages of yours ... but this also looks quite natural

3 - ResetMaterial ... i would also pass geom, N, and processinfo ... you
never know...

4 - why don't you like having Cauchy function public?

for the rest i think your proposal looks quite clean!

well .. that's all from my part.

Nelson any suggestion?


on my side i will ask Michele Chiumenti who is an expert on the subject,
and i may also speak with Sergio Oller to have an opinion

ciao all

On Tue, 2010-06-08 at 10:43 +0200, Janosch Stascheit wrote:
> Dear all,
> attached, you will find the second draft of the new constitutive laws
> interface. Please note that the definition of pure virtual functions
> failed due to the fact that a base class wrapper is needed in the python
> interface. This, in turn, requires the instantiation of the constitutive
> law base class, not being possible if pure virtual functions are
> present. I created KRATOS_ERROR statements instead.
> Best regards
> Janosch
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