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Hi Nelson, all,


I will check that on Monday. For the moment: the thing is that CusomGidIO is not actually inherited from GidIO but does rather provide replacements for the standard versions of GidGaussPointContainer and GidMeshContainer classes. This is due to the fact that it was not necessary to actually change things in the GidIO. The only behavior that needs to be adapted is the way Gauss point data is processed for output in case of certain variables.


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Hello all,

having a look to the last commit by Nelson I realized that he did the only possible correction, as the custom_gidios in the applications are NOT derived from the gidio in the base Kratos. This is a nightmare from the point of view of the maintentenance …


Does it exist any explanation for which such classes are not derived from gidio ?

I have the feeling this is bad design and that is something we should correct …


Janosch, Pavel, Antonia, Kazem... any opinion on this? You are the only ones that have implemented a customized_gidio class so … the word is on you. In particular I would like you to check if it is possible to use the derivation mechanism or not ...


Nelson: what should be added in the derived classes to have things go smooth? Btw, I saw that there are still plenty of warnings … should people assume it is safe to download the new version? If so please send an email to the list confirming all is ok … and please correct the warnings.




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