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Dear DRAGY Partners,


Following the information send by Prof. Bugeda about DRAGY project final review meeting and others associated events that will take place in Barcelona next June 25th - 28th , see mail below, I would like to inform you about the possible organization specific for the GRAGY workshop and final review. 


  As you all may be aware by now that an initial global outline agenda has been agreed with INEA (EC) and confirmed by MIIT/CAE. In this agreed agenda, as you can see below, the whole event will last from June 25th morning to Jun 28th  lunch time.  DRAGY will have two main events:

-          Two days workshop together with IMAGE project 25th and 26th (one day for each project)

-          The official final DRAGY project review on the 28th morning.


The time allocated for the DRAGY final review on the 28th  is short (9:00 to 13:30) and so will be based on synthesized WP review to be presented by WP leaders showing the WP main objectives and highlighting achievements and important outcomes. This will have to be presented in about 30 to 40 min per WP.


The proposal for the workshop organization is to use the available time (a full day in total) to make a proper and detailed project review/discussion. This can be as follows:

-          WP 2 and 3 :

o   The WP leader to present a summary of the WP objectives and achievements. This could be similar to the one to be presented during the final project review.

o   Select 2 or 3 main contributors to present in details their activities and main achievements related to the WP. We will have to consider simulation/analysis work and experimental work for these presentations.

-          WP4:

o   After the summary presentation by the WP leaders I propose to have 2 sessions : Inner structure control experiments and outer structure control experiments. For each of these session max 2 key partners to present their activities and achievements. We have here to consider both technology demonstrations and industrial validation experiments.

-          WP5 : 

o   Start with a WP summary presentation by the WP leaders followed by 2 presentations of key contributors on:

§  RANs simulation of controlled flows

§  Industrial evaluation on aircraft level 


This preliminary proposal has been discussed with the project coordination and WP leaders and still open for discussion and suggestions from your side. We have all to keep in mind that INEA and MIIT/CAE will be present during the workshop and this is considered as part (if not the part) of the final review.


My best wishes for you all 






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Dear colleagues,

This message is to inform all of you about the DRAGY final meeting and some associated events after negotiating with our project officer (INEA, CAE), the rest of project coordinators, etc. These events will take place in Barcelona during the dates 25-28 of next June. These events will include:

- Two days of DRAGY/IMAGE joint workshop

- DRAGY, IMAGE and ECO-Compass final meetings

- INNOVATE-ICARe meeting

- Policy day

- EU-CHINA Task force meeting

All these events will be integrated into the four mentioned days as follows:



June 25 (Tuesday):  


- DRAGY/IMAGE joint Workshop 


Jun 26 (Wednesday):

morning/afternoon :

-IMAGE/DRAGY joint workshop 

-3rd INNOVATE-ICARe meeting (EC/MIIT/MIIT/INNOVATE-ICARe experts included)


-Final review of ECO-COMPASS (in parallel)

Welcome dinner at night (with all participants included)


Jun 27(Thursday):

Morning: Policy day (with all participants included) + short presentations of DRAGY/IMAGE/ECO-COMPASS/EMUSIC (results achieved and future prospects)


-5th EU-CHINA Task force meeting (G2G meeting between EC, MIIT) 

-Final review of IMAGE (in parallel)


Jun 28(Friday):

Morning: Final review of DRAGY



You will receive some additional information about that, but please block your agendas for those days.

Have a nice weekend,




Prof. Gabriel Bugeda Castelltort
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
Departament d'Enginyerica Civil i Ambiemtal (DECA)
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